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A Game-Changer for Youth Football

Sitting down with Adrian Mcpherson and Gina Spicer to talk about this new program, we begin with the basics. We end up talking for over an hour. I quickly find out that it’s less about football, and more about futures. More than just another opportunity to play and perfect the game, they’re about meeting kids where they are, providing them with adult role models and opportunities for success, and preparing them for their futures beyond football.

Chicken Tenders Aren't Just For Kids

Somewhere in the midst of growing up we change our eating habits, as we should. We become more aware of nutritional information and are introduced to more dynamic flavors. We make smarter and more adventurous food decisions. We learn how to pronounce words like quinoa, pho, and acai. We’ve left our love of chicken tenders behind, probably next to our elementary school report cards and ability to spin around without feeling sick.

Thankful Week: An Attitude of Gratitude

About 5 years ago, I started secretly doing a “Thankful Week”. I’d spend the whole week of Thanksgiving being intentionally thankful, and acting on it.I’d spend Thankful Week not only feeling gratitude, but expressing it. Even on days when I didn’t want to or didn’t feel like it, for this one week I’d choose to put my mess aside and focus on the good. And you know what happened? It became so much easier to see the good.

Molly on Molly

These stories need to be shared. I'm sick of Molly being glamorized in the media. I'm sick of hearing what a carefree time you can experience on Molly but realizing these carefree people couldn't care less that people have died. I just think some (possibly brutal) honesty needs to happen: that taking Molly isn't actually safe and there's nothing casual about it. A temporary feeling of ecstasy isn't worth potentially ruining or even possibly ending your life. You've got much better things ahead for you.

Enjoy the Freshest Local Seafood

Little did he know, that’s how it is every day here. We catch our own dinner. We eat while staring out at the water that it was caught in. Fishermen hop off the boat with the catches of the day for their friends in the restaurant business, providing locals and tourists with some of the freshest and best seafood in the country. We don’t bat an eye, we just know what to order. But let’s take a moment of gratitude - we’re spoiled because our seafood isn’t.

What You Learn About Humanity from Feeding World Champions

As I stood in the press grandstands to catch the Finals at the 2017 World Rowing Championship, I cheered proudly as Team Lithuania took home gold in the Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final, feeling as if a friend had just achieved greatness. I then googled “Where is Lithuania?” I believe there’s something to be said about sharing meals with strangers and leaving them feeling like family. I was inspired that in a world that often feels so divided, we can all come together.

What I Wish I Knew As A Freshman

Don’t believe the hype. These years will be incredible but they don’t have to be the ultimate, reigning supreme, best years of your life. Keep believing that the best is yet to come and there are brighter things on the horizon. Hold on to that hope. You will make some of your life’s greatest decisions and you will make some of your life’s biggest mistakes. You will cry a river. You will laugh until it hurts. You will grow up and grow into yourself. Whoever that may be, I hope it’s amazing.

The Big Secret about Gulf Coast Businesses during Red Tide

I know, I know, Red Tide. Not exactly breaking news lately for those of us in Cortez, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Siesta Key and Sarasota. But here’s a hot take for you: The fish aren’t the only things floundering, so are our businesses. While the causes of and long-term solutions to red tide are incredibly important to question, talk about, and work together towards— it’s also imperative that we work on short-term solutions: lifting up our local economy.

10 Movies That Inspire Travel

*Sponsored Content* Art imitates life, and as someone who is a total entertainment junkie, I am overtly aware of the impact that cinema has on its audience. Movies are undoubtedly an art form, an escape, a language. A language that is constantly saying “Get up. Go. Explore. Make stories.” I comprised a list of 10 movies I loved that inspire travel. Because nothing's better than combining two of the most wonderful things this world has to offer: movies and travel.

Choosing Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is necessary to help avoid a nasty sunburn, as well as, helping prevent harmful sun damage to your skin. No matter your age or how long you spend time in the sun, protecting your skin should be non-negotiable. Countless studies have proven the safe preventative effects of lathering up before heading outside. However, recent studies are showing that certain sunscreens are causing to be harmful to our oceans.